Frame size




Derailleur hanger

Suspension pump


Frame protection



  • Colour// petrol-spindrift
  • Frame size// petrol-spindrift
  • Headset// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset


  • Shock// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset
  • Remote Lockout DT American// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset
  • Remote Lockout Rock Shox// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset


  • Bottlecage// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset
  • Derailleur hanger// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset
  • Suspension pump// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset
  • Frame protection// Unplugged Volume 1 Frameset

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The enduro weapon for when the trail gets rough

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unplugged volume 1

The enduro weapon for when the trail gets rough

•  Enduro/All Mountain
•  164mm rear suspension full carbon frame
•  Compatible with 27.5 and 29 wheel sizes
•  Suitable for use with 160mm – 180mm fork length
•  Internal Suspension Technology
•  Techbench Custom Geometry

Born in the American mountains, our progressive, aggressive Enduro machine was created to attack the steep, rough and technical with confidence and stability. If you are the local hero, wanting to “unplug” from everyday life to be out in the mountains, or the Enduro Pioneer looking to hold that perfect line – the Volume 1 will take you there

Removed by two thumb screws, the downtube cover opens to reveal the Internal Suspension Technology
Shock settings can be easily accessed and set with the intergated SAG indicator
The 4P2A Techbench Custom Geometry allows you adjust head angle in three different settings
Flipchips in the rear offer 4 chainstay length/ Bottom Bracket heights for different wheel sizes

New Stormy  unplugged


“Loving slack head and steep seat angles (with the option to change them up by 1.5 degrees), it was impossible not to feel right at home on the Unplugged. Its unique, clean look almost hides the fact that Stormy ’s latest ride is a full-blown enduro slayer with greatly active suspension.
Options for custom tuning the geometry are plenty and gladly accepted – all the way to being able to ride either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels with the same frame. Just find your favorite setting and then forget about it. With tons of smart details and customizable spec, the Unplugged ticks all the boxes of what a modern enduro bike should bring to the table and takes some technological solutions to the next level.”
– Ralf Hauser. Pinbike

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