4 chainstay/BB options. 2 headset options. Our 4P2A Techbench Custom Geometry makes the Unplugged one of the most customizable off- the- shelf frames available.

Head Angle Adjustment

The option of fitting 2 different headsets gives you the choice of 3 different head angles.
The custom Newmen headset has two settings – slack and steep, easily switched by turning each bearing 180 degrees in the head tube, giving a 2 degree difference between each setting.


Newmen 2 position Headset
Acros Headset

The third middle setting, or one degree difference, is done by fitting the Acros headset.
Combining rear triangle adjustments, wheel size and fork length, the Unplugged is able to have a head angle from 62.9 deg to 66.4 deg.

Chainstay length/BB height adjustment


Located in rear end of the chainstay, the flipchip eccentric bearing inserts can be swapped or flipped to give 4 different chainstay length and bottom bracket height options.
To optimize tyre size choice, from 27.5×2.4 – 29×2.6, the flip chips offer a BB height variance in the range of 20mm and chainstay length 11mm.

Flipchips Level 1-4
Flipchips Level 2-3

Having the ability to tune wheelbase, bottom bracket height and head angle dimensions means that you can optimize geomtery for different wheel and fork sizes, and also your riding style and terrain preferences.

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