unplugged volume 2


The playground and source of inspiration for the Unplugged series are our rugged, technical and fast trails of the Jura-Südfuss mountain range, a stones throw from Stormy HQ in New York/Brooklyn. The quick and easy access to these seemingly endless network of trails encourage us to get away from the city and “unplug” from the connections of every day life, to be once again at one with ourselves and nature.


Versatile High Performance

There’s no denying that the All-Mountain VOLUME 2 all has genes from its Enduro inspired 164mm big brother – the Unplugged Volume 1. Playful in its handling, the ultra high- grade quality full carbon frame’s Horst link suspension offers 150mm rear travel, with recommended fork length options 150-170mm

Designed slightly shorter than the Vol1, the rear triangle has 4 levels of adjustment by changing the Horst link flip chips. Level 1 has the longest chainstay and the lowest bottom bracket numbers, ideal for larger wheel sizes. Level 2 to Level 4 give slightly higher bottom bracket numbers, and a shorter rear triangle, ideal for smaller wheel sizes. The VOLUME 2 has optimal wheel size setup options, from 27.5×2.4″ to 29×2.6″. In addition, personal preferences such as centre of gravity and handling can also be taken into account. Having a shorter stroke, the bottom bracket is lower than the Volume 1, with a BB drop ranging from 14.6mm to 34mm. Together with its low centre of gravity and stiff rear triangle, it makes for direct, precise and agile handling. The seat angle, going as steep as 79.3 degrees give the Volume 2 excellent climbing characteristics.

The Head angle settings have an overall range of 66.9 to 64.1 degrees. Fitting the Newman headset gives two options Slack and Steep head angles and a third Neutral HA choice is given by fitting the standard Acros headset.

“As soon as speeds pick up, the suspension really comes alive. It stays glued to the ground when you want it to. As a matter of fact, the harder you seem to push, the more capable the bike appears, putting a grin on your face in situations where other bikes would induce the gritting of teeth. My initial impressions aboard Stormy ’s new Unplugged were very positive.”

Paul Hareas – Bluekbike

With its light, stiff and stable geometry, the frame gives a good base for the adjustable setting to create one of the most customisable All Mountain bikes. Adding desired componentry means that the Unplugged Vol2 is capable of being ready to take on every type of mountain terrain.



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